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Lenders and banks need borrowers to have an established credit history before they will say yes to any request for a loan. This could pose a problem for those people who have never borrowed before. If you need financing but you do not have anything on your credit history to prove that you are a trustworthy borrower, there is a very good chance that lenders will turn you down. 

Getting a Loan Even With Bad Credit

If you’ve never taken out a loan before, lenders will have no way of seeing how well you can be expected to manage a loan. As a result, they’ll have a hard time approving any loan request. Whilst there may be lenders who would still be able to assist you despite your no credit history, finding them will be a huge challenge. Also, the amount they may be able to let you borrow will be smaller but the interest will be higher. 

The best thing you can do really, before you attempt to borrow a loan, is to build your credit. It would help if you can get approved for some simple instalment loans that you can then pay back every month just so you can show to lenders that you can be trusted with a loan. Make sure to get your bills and utilities paid online too. Your payment history makes up a considerable amount of your credit score so, avoid paying late or missing any bill payment. 

Having a guarantor can also help your loan request to get approved too. A guarantor is a person known to you who has a good credit score and an established credit history. He is responsible for paying off the loan if you will no longer be able to make the payments. 

You may also get a good loan if you will present security. Collateral like properties or cars can help lenders view a loan to be less risky since there is something they can use to recoup their losses if you cannot pay them back. Just be careful in using this option since you can lose the collateral if you cannot make the loan payments on time. 

How To Apply for No Credit Check Loans

The financial status of many people nowadays is that they have a low income, weak credit, and little to no savings. So when an emergency happens-like an unexpected medical situation or auto-repairs, your options are limited. And in that case, a loan might be necessary. But with having weak credit, your options are limited, and how do you make it so you don’t mess your credit up even more?

But what if you don’t even a credit? What does having no credit mean? Every person has a credit score. The most common scoring system used is the FICO system which rates as following

  • 750 to 850 (Excellent)

  • 660 to 749 (Good)

  • 620 to 659 (Fair)

  • 350 to 619 (Poor)

Having no credit score usually means that you never established a credit history. This makes Lenders have a hard time gauging the risk in lending you money.

How can someone have no credit? If that someone has never borrowed money from a bank or a union, never had a credit card or never had any utility bills, they’re basically off the credit grid. There are no problems with this other than when in times of emergencies and you need to get a loan, things might get complicated.

Why does checking credit important? A lot of information about the borrower can be taken from credit score alone. From how often the borrower applies for a loan to how like he/she will pay on time. Many lenders conduct this thing called a “hard credit inquiry” to determine how risky it is to lend money to the borrower.

But be wary, when you get hard checked, your credit score takes a hit, and if you’ve been hit by a hard inquiry after another, that usually means that you are desperate for money and it may look like you’re mismanaging the money by the lender's eyes.

So what are your options when getting a loan with no credit?

There is a thing called No Credit Check Loans. But be very careful, when a lender offers you a no credit check loan, it usually means it has pretty high-interest rates and short term amounts. Most lenders who offer this kind of loans are predatory lenders. Their goal is to trap you into a cycle of debt, in which they keep offering you to extend the loan causing you to keep on paying and paying and paying the fees without reducing the principal loan.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*