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If you have incurred multiple debts like loans or credit cards, it might help to consider having it consolidated. Bringing the debts together will possibly save you money and at the same time, make it easier to get your monthly repayments better managed.

Why consolidate debt?

Having just a single loan would make it easier and more straightforward to manage it. Instead of having to deal with multiple lenders, you only need to take care of one. However, since you are getting a loan on top of all the other multiple loans that you already have under your name, be aware that the interest rates and charges may be higher the repayment period may also increase with a consolidated loan too.

Things to consider

Before you decide to consolidated your debts, it is important to find out how much you can potentially borrow first. This helps you decide whether the figures would be enough to cover your loan total. Try to find banks and lenders that allow you to calculate how much you'll get approved and what rate without causing unnecessary impact to your credit score to help you decide. Find out if you can get the funds fast. Some providers might take a longer time to process the request. There are others that can do it faster. Some providers may even be able to get the funds transferred within minutes after approval.

You will be given freedom on how long you want the payment term is going to be. Generally, you would prefer something more manageable. However, be aware that the longer your term is the more you’re paying for interest rates. Be aware that loans may have terms and considerations attached to them about early repayment. Some are likely to charge you early resettlement fees. So, it is best to consider this first before taking out a consolidation loan to be sure that this is indeed worth the trouble.

How Can Debt Consolidation Benefit Me?

Debt consolidation can benefit you in a number of ways. If you know a reputable loan provider, consider taking out a debt consolidation loan. Debt consolidation can be good for your finances especially if you obtain one from a reputable loan provider.

Benefits of debt consolidation:

Enjoy lower interest rates

Most personal loans like payday loans and unsecured loans have very high interest rates that can really put a dent on your budget. Consolidating multiple debts into a single debt can help you save on interest rates.

Stop debt collectors

When you are getting behind loan payments, you can expect to get a call or a visit from a debt collector every now and then. By paying off your existing loans with a new debt consolidation loan, you can put a stop to the bothersome visits and calls of debt collectors.

Reduces stress

If you only have one debt to pay each month, you will be relieved from the stress of trying to remember your loan dues every time, which includes credit card bills, mortgage, and personal loans. Most of your financial worries will be resolved by a debt consolidation loan. 

Improves credit score

One of the best benefits of taking out a debt consolidation loan is the fact that paying off most of your debt can significantly improve your credit rating. Multiple loans can pull down your credit score but paying off the loans can increase your credit score. Having a good credit score is very important in getting future loans with competitive rates. 

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*